Migrant turns Resident, A Poem

Times flies away
Such as shifting sands of time
We try to arrest the insatiable flow
Spaces linger, images turn memories
Memories reside as nostalgia
Come to life, as if summoned on call
The fate of the gulf migrant is such
the ‘Near-Abroad’, two hours from Mumbai
But, as far as eternity, once the passport controls are past
Hard to fit in to our passport homes
Where people see the migrants as portable ATM Machines
The government stops seeing us as remittance nodes
The NRI becomes, resident
Becomes pretty useless for the state, the relatives and the village
The once feted, becomes jobless and turns into a statistic
The Youth fades away as time
The migrant’s only home resides in photos on his Iphone
The image, becomes the emotional panacea


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