Art as Politics, A Poem

Saturated by Politics And Hopelessness Taken Refuge in Art Textual, Visual and Auditory Seeking solace Seeking Hope Gorging on it … More

Sky, a Haiku

I went to reach the sky Only to realise that I have lost the terra firma beneath Then I realised … More

The Meaning of #notinmyname

#notinmyname protests today was a glimmer of a muted outrage brewing across India. India is not lynching-stan or a banana … More

Departure, a Poem

Sometimes departure brings agony Life before that was a speeding car Life was all about the fast line That we … More

Malls, A Poem

Malls are cathedrals of late capitalism Symbolise a vague sameness An unnecessary similarity Whether Muscat, Mumbai or Medan Same shops, … More

Anti Expat Nomenclatures 

Cities have their own nomenclature for expressing non welcoming behaviour against ‘expats’ and are quite creative at them. The acronym … More