The Blurring of focus

A large majority of India lives in Thanjavur, Kohima, Panaji, Reva, Kalimpong, Bastar, Gadchiroli where the K Issue and Jadhav’s abduction are disconnected with everyday living. Jobs, Farmer income, malignant urbanisation are issues which cripple lives. National security and identity politics are taking the focus away, as the new opium of the masses. The country’s … More The Blurring of focus

Departure, a Poem

Sometimes departure brings agony Life before that was a speeding car Life was all about the fast line That we did not care about the debris by the wayside  Now that we will be relegated to the bins of Memory  We try to locate sorrow  And make peace with it The peace is elusive  As … More Departure, a Poem

Malls, A Poem

Malls are cathedrals of late capitalism Symbolise a vague sameness An unnecessary similarity Whether Muscat, Mumbai or Medan Same shops, Daiso here, Starbucks there These sterilised structures of wasteful consumption Refuge for the middle class during summer These communal spaces of ‘brand brotherhood’ Often uproot disenfranchised communities of their land Only, to offer them a … More Malls, A Poem