Keep walking.

Writing a book for the last 18 months has taught me much about the digital sphere but more about me as a person. The topic is a moving target with a dynamic role of the digital in society, but I have learnt that how one thinks and articulated ideas in a way which the stakeholders … More Keep walking.

Taleb is Back.

The anti intellectual’s new treatise on risk and uncertainty. Taleb is the thinker of the generation after Black Swan, Fooled By Randomness and Anti Fragile. People often quip that Gulf life puts one in a comfort zone lifestyle wise as far as learning is concerned as books are pricey and unavailable. I beg to differ … More Taleb is Back.


Create your own space It’s too crowded to ask for an inch There are always interstices But that’s survival Not flourishing Initiative and Energy Is the key But the hunger is what matters Smash Walls Crash Doors Gate crash clubs Invitations won’t come Demand an invite Mark your territory.

Did Digital and Data make Life Better?

Digital is being weaved in to everyday life as a fibre which is indistinguishable. Digital as this fibre is predisposed as ‘advanced’ and the pre digital as not up to the mark. Smart cities are the planning manifestation of the digital, where sensors harvesting data is considered more needed than more fundamental infrastructure. It is … More Did Digital and Data make Life Better?