Departure, a Poem

Sometimes departure brings agony Life before that was a speeding car Life was all about the fast line That we did not care about the debris by the wayside  Now that we will be relegated to the bins of Memory  We try to locate sorrow  And make peace with it The peace is elusive  As … More Departure, a Poem

Malls, A Poem

Malls are cathedrals of late capitalism Symbolise a vague sameness An unnecessary similarity Whether Muscat, Mumbai or Medan Same shops, Daiso here, Starbucks there These sterilised structures of wasteful consumption Refuge for the middle class during summer These communal spaces of ‘brand brotherhood’ Often uproot disenfranchised communities of their land Only, to offer them a … More Malls, A Poem

Bangladeshi migrant takes his politics to ‘Probash’ 

Today, in the sweltering summer evening, as I frequent a favourite Turkish cafe, where three Bangladeshis from Pheni, Comilla and Brahmanbaria work as service staff. All three of them come from Bangladeshi districts adjoining Tripura and hence speak the dialect from the area. The time was in the heart of Iftar time, and my friend … More Bangladeshi migrant takes his politics to ‘Probash’ 

Ramadan: A Poem

Ramadan in the Gulf Reclaims faith and humanity Reclaims family over profits Privileges Culture over Neoliberal Productivity The march towards modernity is halted Albeit for a month Celebrates faith, like no other part of the world  MP 18/06/2017

Gulf Dreams

Dreams of Temporary People Bags being packed Reluctantly memories are being packed too Uprooting from ones transient homes eons They were not very transient after all We accidentally invested too much Transience became Permanant  We became one with the place ****************************** Growing up, is after all Piggy banking on our parents  We hope to break … More Gulf Dreams

Reimagining Environmental Governance: Unpacking the ‘Black Box’

Introduction: Sustainability is an oxymoron, as even seasoned professionals vaguely understand it and casually quote a definition from 1987 Brundtland Report. Sustainable development is understood to be different aspects to disparate stakeholders. The context is the kingmaker. Every geographic reality will have unique demands. Environmental, Social and Economic Strands are deeply intertwined in ways more … More Reimagining Environmental Governance: Unpacking the ‘Black Box’