Conversation with an Autowallah: Pune Diaries

Had a conversation with a chatty Autowallah, who was in full sale mode with an attitude to overcharge on the pretext of Navratri. He was however critical of an old strongman from western Maharashtra, and very pro Modi, as he finds graft at the local level especially in hospitals reduced. ‘Na khauungaa, Na Kaanedunga’ seems … More Conversation with an Autowallah: Pune Diaries

Syncretic Gulf.

The Taste of Home. Sabudana Khichadi being served during the Navratri season, symbolises the syncretic texture of Dubai, especially Al Fahidi.  There is a prominent Shia Masjid next door as well.


Dreams have to be deeply sheltered Dreams make the scaffolding of the future Energy of those early morning ruminations Dreams disappear Reappear as material reality Dreams are the josh of life

Understanding Egyptian Soft Power in the Khaleej

Sharjah based Egyptian Architectural Researcher Reem Khorshed, who Studies Modernity and influence of Egyptian experts in the education and Infrastructure sector development in the Khaleej/Gulf. She spoke at the uber cultural Art Jameel in Dubai. She digs archives and Arabic media sources and masterplan documents to shape her research journey towards understanding the trajectory of … More Understanding Egyptian Soft Power in the Khaleej


Life is lived Somewhere between Saturation of quotidian micro violence And the dreams I seek Liberation in the thoughts In the emptyness of the dawn mind

Bayt and Belonging

I recently been having interesting conversations recently about the idea of Home for the second generation in the Gulf. We carry passports inherited from our parents and a place we grew up to knowing as home. The place however depends on us holding particular jobs linked to visas and thus makes the home experience complicated. … More Bayt and Belonging