India loses talent

Dr Arvind Subramanian changed the terrain of the Economic Survey report. I thoroughly enjoyed the topical essays and the GIS based data collection and Analytics. I sat beside him at a book launch in Delhi 16 months back and he was down to earth and rather communicative. India loses talent one by one.


The urban politics of AAP as an alternative vision is dead. Revolutions die as usual in internal power games. It elects jokers to the Rajya Sabha where it had the opportunity to send activists to the upper house. YY and Prashant Bhushan where the intellectual consciousness of the movement. Every one knew that NCR is … More AAP RIP

The Beautiful Game

World Cup Football 2018 on a projector at a Turkish eatery with coffee and Shwarma, and frenetic Arabic Commentary in Muscat. Takes me two decades back to France ‘98 when as a child I watched the greatest celebration of the Global Game on Rotana. It’s Mexiki versus Al German going on now. Cannot be more … More The Beautiful Game

Faded dreams

Dreams fade The exuberance to jump at the deep end of the pool wanes A dawn happens Of the times lost While exploring the wild side May be the jet skiing was worth it Or the hours spent on the food court Or the hours writing away To realise that Capital wins And the 16 … More Faded dreams

Poetry for Business

Poetry, and other narrative devices are crucial for business. Poetry helps in locating the human condition. The human condition is not all datafied to be plotted on a curve or fitted in to an algorithm. Markets are communities of people. Your consumer is a human. Analytics should be about meeting your consumer need. Tech Bros … More Poetry for Business

The Journey is Mine

Have pride in the steps taken In your journey As it is only yours to experience The recruiters straightjacket is passé As in the fourth Industrial revolution (or whatever the WEF likes to call it) Only folks with the agility to transform on demand Will play the game

The Bahujan Politics of #Kaala: An Activist Project of Pa. Ranjith

It was a Ramadan Month Weekday in Muscat at a posh mall, for a show at Iftar time and still the hall was nearly full with eager expats waiting for Thalaivar to show his social justice antics with Pa. Ranjith, Dalit Leftist Film maker, whose ideological moorings were evident with Kabali, where subaltern Tamil diaspora … More The Bahujan Politics of #Kaala: An Activist Project of Pa. Ranjith