Caste, Cleanliness and Criminal Negligence

Bharat, has Clean India But, people who clear the sewers are dying We can send satellites to space Win spelling bee Have billionaires Dream of Smart Cities But can’t remove manual scavenging Bezwada gets Magsayay But, still sanitation workers choke to death What happens to the Clean India Tax? The conundrum of caste does not … More Caste, Cleanliness and Criminal Negligence

Innovation 101

Innovation can be inoculated by a diversity of experiences gained by travel, interacting with interesting people and reading extensively. The operative keyword is ‘diversity’. Even Times of India is encouraging reading with its latest campaign.

The Digital Delusion

The various, multifarious manifestations of the universe of the Digital, with the capital D, indicating privilege is surprisingly not changing anything fundamental. Livelihoods access, public health and political power remains unchanged. Oxygen would have saved seventy kids earlier this week. Smart phones cannot change that, although sensors could have helped. Train travel in India still … More The Digital Delusion


We all have our own journeysThe terrain of narratives is a flux Some collide, some negateAll stories need a earSome need to be spoken to be heard

Independence Day Poem

On this Independence Day eveI have a prayerLet's not make a media spectacle out of itLet's respect the 'peripheral' rather than the centre National identity is a mosaic Rather than a monolith Save new born babies Not cowsIndia, a tapestry of colorsCan do better then 'Gerua'Gerua suits a SRK song betterAnd in Iceland not ImphalThe … More Independence Day Poem

Airports, a Poem

Airports are interstitial spacesStructured as MallsPositioned as institutional valves The Passport Control line is a terrific equaliser The labor and the C Suite Every one rushing towards the departure gateFor work or leisure This act, is more deeper than it seems A privileged terrainMore accessible as time passesHas a un necessary snob value to itAfter … More Airports, a Poem

Vulnerability, a Poem

There are ways to process rejectionsEither take it as the dead end Or the spark of a new beginning Vulnerability, ought to be embraced The market treats it as a loser But the human growsVulnerability is the path of winning