The Post: Cinematic Masterclass on Journalism

The Post, is an all star movie (Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks as lead actors as the owner of the paper and the editor respectively of its namesake The Washington Post) with Steven Spielberg helming the directorial mantle dealing with an issue of contemporary American History with the Dan Ellsberg ‘Pentagon Papers’ on the American … More The Post: Cinematic Masterclass on Journalism

Orange is the New Blue: The Color of Dignity

The non secondary school educated Indian migrant male construction worker/female household maid has built cities across the Gulf and South East Asia over the last 50 years. He/She leaves his family, dignity and home to fend for a better future. States such as Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh have reaped the benefits of … More Orange is the New Blue: The Color of Dignity


Migrant experience is powerlessness Temporality is the operating syntax Trapped in between lattices Teaches to fight the shadows Shadow boxing is life Resilience is the way Resistance is screaming At the toilet mirror


Struggle is a strategic learning curve. The framing makes all the difference. Reinvent and Relearn. Google has demolished the age of the specialist.

Email, more than text

Emails are the most important vehicles of communication today. We write them with functionality, respect, boredom, irritation and as an act of redemption. It’s personal, it’s performance. It is life in reflection. Let it be art.

Food as History

Education is so linear as we learn to learn. The entire future of work argument hinges on put thinking the AI breathing robot. Creativity is reduced to neoliberal innovation to create disruptive value often expressed in the face value of the share price. The language of Dalal Street is really of its namesake of the … More Food as History


Massive spaces to shop Spices, Sambhar Veggies and more South India in a store ************************ The expanse is reflective Of the ambition of its founder Jobs to all in his village Myth Material Real in terms of cash ***************************** Gulf is a cocoon Time dilates The comfort zone expands The notion of time Intimate, but … More Lulu.