Republic Day 2020

The Republic is articulated in the enthusiasm that this young boy has for the rashtra dhwaj or the national flag, … More

Bleed Words.

Unlike other literary devices, poetry comes from an unknown place, a certain crack in the soul. It is bled, rather … More


I feel at home Everywhere, the warmth is present More importantly The cash in the bank Is the warmest embrace … More

Anti-Lutyens Agenda.

The anti NRC/CAA protests have turned in to some thing of pop culture, a mature college festival. Let all the … More


In chasing the future We often miss the heartbeat Where was I, I often wonder A voice inside quipped ‘While … More

The Conservative Space.

BJP is AKP and UMNO, the Hindu version. If there can be political conservatism in other faith contexts, there is … More


Where there are neon hoardings A shadow lurks somewhere What does the shadow say Or is content with the obscure? … More