An Ado over nothing

With all the talk about disruption, are we disrupting anything meaningful? No one is talking about disrupting poverty and hunger, only e commerce business models. Is the disrupting required, or is the transformation talk all rhetoric?


The South Asian migrant a peculiar beast watching India TV on YouTube eats sabzi roti and Biryani discusses Nawaz or NaMo Lauds the progress back home But finds himself Neither at home in Karama or Kanpur His holidays are spent thinking about heading back And his days overseas Are spent thinking about the upcoming trip … More Migrant/Conundrum

Just Write

Writing is too much of a performance art All for the audience All for the SEO Just Write With the raw edges For the writer self For the art Not the critique Not for the Critic Write for the stories Within you The gift is not for the market Even the proto poems Are gold

Salon Tales

Salon Tales with 1990’s Bollywood tracks on YouTube on a smartphone, on borrowed wifi, with hairstylist chattering away in Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi from the Lucknow region in Uttar Pradesh, India talking about gyms and diets. The vernacular and cosmopolitan blend effortlessly in the Gulf. A Gulf Modernity which is unique to the region … More Salon Tales