Lepore disrupts disruption

I have read the entire long read where Jill Lepore disrupts/punctures the disruption bubble based on some very serious analysis, including the MIT article which she cites, and I have read that too. The punch line is to not buy in to the myth of theorising without going in to the background data sets. Again, the tech crowd does not like to deep dive in to such non commercial activities and is caught in subscribing to theological matters rather than thought processes to innovate. The etymology of radical is root, think fundamentals as the long read posits. Thanks to FB where this post was initially on; on Twitter it would not have been possible to explain, brevity is post truth. New Yorker normally attracts the best liberal arts minds globally. Jill Lepore, a Harvard Don herself prefers to write her arguments in her narratives, unfamiliar to the tech crowd accustomed to heuristics. 

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