Why CAB Matters

My family has a history of Partition, and they had to rebuild everything post 1947. They were persecuted for being Hindu, lost their home, identities and never forgot what happened to them. I grew up on these stories, and it is even more poignant to my Smita Prasad , my Mother, a Mumbai kar- never … More Why CAB Matters


Start ups often focus much on vanity and valuation greed than long term cash flow oriented thinking. A few things still are very non digital; people, profit and passion. Let’s build early stage ventures which are in the healthcare, sustainability and infrastructure space. I am not talking about an aggregator or an app here. Let’s … More Growth.


In the light of recent developments in MH Politics, re-reading the ‘Maximum City’ by Suketu Mehta. The secret to the longevity of the Shiva Sena is all praxis, not theory.


A litany of half homes Or is it a quarter Rented studios to hostel rooms The backpack is belonging Artefacts of life More than placeholder For another placeholder Belonging is often a smile An acknowledgment of acceptance Than an ownership deed #spokenword

The Hype on JNU

It seems JNU ( in South Delhi near to the media offices including NDTV) is the only place people get to study. The future of work seems to be an alien concept in the Indian Imagination on Education. Let’s have a conversation on how the socioeconomically marginalised can get a future where livelihood security is … More The Hype on JNU

Being Indian.

sense of being Indian is carved by being the ‘other’ migrant all my life in different parts of Asia. I understand the value of the blue travel document at the immigration as not only a access card but as a representation of the post colonial nation state, which stands for a set of ideas. A … More Being Indian.