Masjids in the Urban life of the Gulf are cornerstones of the spatial configuration of the city. Faith is public and private, an anchor in transient lives.


If we are stuck in the present How will the future emerge? Through the sliding of time Or the imagination of of the soul? Creatures of the EMI When will the ‘I’ emerge On the Saturday night Over the ‘Quarter’ and Chakhna Or the possibilities of a Sunday morning after Church? The heart should answer … More Possibilities.

Migration Research’s Blind Spot- Good Samaritan’s as Last Mile Healthcare Delivery Provision

Migration Governance is back on the research agenda as refugee theatres in Africa, Maghreb, Mediterranean and South East Asia are simmering if not raging. The multilateral institutional activity with IOM, UN, WHO and the Marakkesh Declaration is encouraging with increased focus. The migration trends in the Khaleej are changing with African low wage workers from … More Migration Research’s Blind Spot- Good Samaritan’s as Last Mile Healthcare Delivery Provision

The Expected

Sometimes chaos is the chaiyos we need, for the next practice to come in to being The present is inadequate As the minds framing it Are made up off the expected

Happy Turns.

Last month, I was privileged, all thanks to Prof Sanjoy Bhattacharya to speak at WHO-York University seminar of humanitarian emergencies and health in Doha on migration and health outcomes. Attending the talk was Dr Zafar Mirza, Director of Health Systems at EMRO WHO (Middle East/North Africa/Pakistan). He asked me a couple of questions which was … More Happy Turns.

Consulting Edge

Consultants maintain the strategic advantage by these elements: ideas, implementation, network, investing in learning by text and travel and looking out for green shoots where others do not see anything. Be beyond the report as life is one continuum rather than binaries of art and science, analytics and emotion. Think complex adaptive system, every node … More Consulting Edge

Business as Art.

The sad reality is our careers are framed by a HR Manager’s perspective , rather than as a value creator, building IP for the Organisation, akin to what an artist brings on board through innovation in projects. Longevity is seen as a positive rather than project based cvs which millennials are building through gig work. … More Business as Art.

Migration Mix.

Earlier this month I was in a hotel in the Gulf for a couple of days. I met with staff from Rwanda at the front desk, Macedonia in the cafe, An Uzbek guy at the breakfast and transport staff from Bangladesh and Uganda. India and Pakistan are being displaced across the region thoroughly as new … More Migration Mix.