Fail Forward

Tell your younger self It’s ok to be slow It’s alright to fail And fail again Parents,Teachers and Friends Are not the finale They are after all Waiting for you to get off Their laundry lists Chart your own journey No one waits for you It’s you To tell your story Life will be your … More Fail Forward

Walk the Talk

Non profit and business start up founders often sabotage their vision of the organisation by turning into to mutual admiration club rather than a mission driven organisation. Having worked with a committed Mohsin Malhar Da and a few others and also a award winning tent maker who did not bother to remunerate, the activist and … More Walk the Talk

Curb the noise.

Ultimately it is the everyday politics with a small p that is the proof of the seewaiyaan, the grand theories of Geopolitics, Race, Faith and Class does not cut any sand if it’s translation to the institutions such as family, workplace and the retail sphere is half cooked. Too much grand theoretical noise. The activists … More Curb the noise.

Makan Counter

Today at a cooked food counter at a supermarket in Muscat, this Malayali spread reminds me of Indian Restaurants/Restoran in Singapore and Malaysia where cooked food is displayed. The cultural commonalities are obvious, southern India. #migrantscholars

Middle Class/Marginal

Life is strange One leaves being Middle Class In Kanyakumari and Komilla To be marginal, in Karama Positions vary, material reality dominates Life is then expressed in exchange rates Meaning is searched in the falling rupee As the hurt ego, is soothed by jumping values

JNU Media Capture

JNU is an elite university election in south Delhi. It’s student elections are not the central polls. The BMC Polls in Mumbai are far more significant. Having a powerful alumni base with a grip on media, does amplify the narrow outlook, but does not scale up its significance. Media should be covering more grounded issues, … More JNU Media Capture


Ambition leaves detritus Friends lost, families scarred Bank statements reflect the state of life Often healed by chemical broths From one vision statement to the next KPIs leave the being hollow And the celebration lasts an evening The next moment, the google calendar Schedules the next contact As ambition reduces And power replaces the North … More Ambition.

Ya Rayeh

Rachid Taha, passed away today. The North African Rai Music Pioneer who sung with Khaled and Cheb Mami. I grew up listening to him, when I did not understand enough Arabic nor French in Muscat, but felt the loss in the melody, of a land lost. Ya Rayeh was my favourite. Wish to visit Oran, … More Ya Rayeh