When the sunset is better than the latest LED screen When the iPhone is a miss Something is wrong The brain prompts ‘You can’t take the perfect sunset pic’ But, the soul is soaking in the serenity Life needed to reclaimed From digital And lived on its own merits

The Data Delusion

The entire Cambridge Analytica debacle was expected in the era of the hyper digital. Technology in smart phones with fast and cheap data makes connectivity ubiquitous. There is an entire generation who are digital natives, who type on keyboards on their cell phones faster then they can write. This strain however causes, laziness and a … More The Data Delusion

Prayers for Mosul Migrants Killed

Prayers for Indians killed in Iraq. Migrant lives matter as millions of Indians seek a livelihood overseas to feed mouths back home in hostile environments. These are not the long distance Nationalism OCI types, who are fair weather friends at best. Remember the blue collar migrants from Punjab and Bengal who were killed.

Banglar Kantha: The Community Paper with the big punch

Banglar Kantha as a community voice of the Bengali speaking diaspora in Singapore over the past decade has been spearheading efforts in delivering community support services and cultural empowerment. This massive effort is the brainchild of Shri. AKM Mohsin, who with his dogged determination to get the difficult story, has attracted his set of detractors … More Banglar Kantha: The Community Paper with the big punch

Image as Time Stamp.

October 2013. Esplanade Theatres by the Bay. Singapore. A favourite pic. Always. Reminds me of time gone by What time can do What time could have done What time has done A reminder of what time can be I have failed myself Redemption lies ahead

Voices of Sustainability: Tales from the Green Front Line

The last two decades since Kyoto Protocol and the various COPs have brought Sustainability, Environment and Climate Change as everyday terms in our lexicon. Millennials and even more Centennials have green as a defining value. Pollution, the first order externality in which sustainability is primarily framed impacts ordinary people from Beijing to Delhi to Singapore. … More Voices of Sustainability: Tales from the Green Front Line