Complicated yet incomplete, Is sometimes the outcome it is The incomplete corners The reflected selves The unvarnished post office brings The one in the mirror Authenticity Faked And yet searching The kernel of rawness In the midst of the day Connect with the lost self Lost somewhere Not searchable

History as Farce.

History first repeats as tragedy, then as farce. Before ‘acknowledging’ independence, from the Brit’s. India had to undergo a surgery to satisfy Nehru ji’s ego- millions killed, raped and injured and displaced so that demographics get inverted. Punjab and Bengal get slaughtered and the post colonial ramifications are felt in 2018 through the NRC debate, … More History as Farce.


Numbers have a story to tell. 80 months back, I started writing on a regular basis in Singapore on this ideation platform. After constant negative feedback and setbacks- this has been my primary repository of ‘dispersed meditations’ along my travels across eight years, three countries, five cities and numerous other places. The field notes have … More 20K.

Sustainability: Time for real conversations

With all the Filter bubble discourse on the digital, one feels very poignant about little less conversation, little more action please. Sustainability, Climate Change, Diversity have been emptied out of the ethos of social justice and packaged in to MICE categories, where TED talk like conferences substitute reading and thinking which should be done in … More Sustainability: Time for real conversations


Happy Birthday Singapore! From Tuas West to Changi Beach and from CCK to Esplanade , it is an exemplar of progress. Having worked and studied at NUS and NTU, Singaporean education and training has enabled me able to work on a diverse set of challenges across geographies in Asia. I spent many a NDP watching … More Majulah!

The entrepreneurial spirit

Academics consider me too Market Wallah, Private Sector considers me too Book Wallah. I am just a hustler who sees art in the ethos of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ethos in an artist trying to make a living. World is too messy for neat silos ? #ThursdayGyan

Manufacturing Refugees: unpacking the NRC crisis

All the folks screaming the N Card aka Nationalism Card on social media on the NRC issue are those from states which have not experienced the birth pangs of partition as inter generational trauma. It was Bengal and Punjab who paid the steep price for independence seven decades ago. The Bangal lost his home. I … More Manufacturing Refugees: unpacking the NRC crisis