Speak Up/Write Up

Speak For all the lives, spent in the rat race Race for survival The numbers The mute images These images silently make Late capitalism run its wheels Images are lives spent In making cafes clean Run smoothly While the MacBook Elite Sip artisanal coffees Life’s though are not that straightforward Lived at intersectionalities Class, Caste, … More Speak Up/Write Up

Paying it Forward

Was an honour to speak as an Alumni of the BE Biotechnology program at BIT Muscat centre/Waljat Colleges of Applied Sciences today morning to young undergrads as an invited speaker. It felt like a full circle in a decade since I graduated, as I shared on my non linear journey across geographies. It was pretty … More Paying it Forward

An Entrepreneurial Evening: Learnings On Fund Raising in Oman

As the dusk was setting in next to the runway of the Muscat International Airport, a training centre was lit up with a packed auditorium on a weekday evening to inform and network on Fund Raising:’Funding Your Business’ . Knowledge Oman, the catalytic community platform founded by youth pioneer Mr. Tariq Al Barwani has led … More An Entrepreneurial Evening: Learnings On Fund Raising in Oman

Reading/A Poem

Read to inform Read to replenish Read to create a buffer Google also needs the right keywords I read to cleanse the soul I have read the way to now Reading is the update our brains need Reading reflects desire But, reading requires the drive Which no one can buy #thursdaymusings #spokenwordpoetry

‘Choke Slam’: Delhi Breathes Poison (again)

Developmental Modernity has it’s obvious limits. Air pollution is a complex, multi layered matter with no immediate need for political trigger as it is a regional matter. Delhi breathes poison for three months a year, then forgets it like the urban homeless deaths during winter. I was there last year and nothing has changed. Only … More ‘Choke Slam’: Delhi Breathes Poison (again)

Concept Birthing

The best ideas arrive when working on real world issues, and juxtaposing our experiences/inferences/praxis on theory, and extrapolate the concepts on the future. Why can’t David Harvey meet Parag Khanna?

Hype Cycles

All hype cycles fizzle out. The real deal eeks out once the funds dry up. Long term value creation cuts through the hype cycle. Life science hype ran out, but the pharmaceuticals people remain. Food, Water and Renewable Energy nexus needs big money and Big philanthropy such as BMGF and CZI shall be the way … More Hype Cycles


What is language needed for reimagining the status quo, to curate an alternative. It certainly cannot be the same static vocabulary of the problem to search for a solution. How do we start thinking about job creation in post IT India in the age of AI or Post Oil GCC with the same constraints of … More Language/Innovation