Art as possibility/response Art as criticism As imagination As market As a window to the soul

Hard Environmentalism

Time for low hanging fruit, aka life style environmentalism is passé/ the preserve of the socioeconomically astute. The world needs a financially rewarding win win ecological future. Unless it pays, systems will not pivot.


Festivals and me Are not speaking Rather, alienation is a friend Paradoxes rule As festivals are observed on Timelines and Tweets Live-streaming yes, an illusion Of belonging, and despair So far, and yes so near As the Pujo Ullash Is within

Un Win

The obsession with winning Snatches life Moment by moment Living is sensing the moment Is appreciating the small Self Help is toxic Don’t lose To win Win, rather to live

Guest Worker.

A pair of hired hands ATM back home ‘Guest Worker’ in adopted land A citizen of nowhere Watches festivals on YouTube And Watsapp calls back home Salvation is his/her paycheque

Emotional Citizenship

Even if one leaves a place The place lives within The sounds, the flavours The connect To the Supermarket Auntie The 108A Food Court The ABC Park Connector The Walkways The Micro Geography turns into emotions The emotional citizenship Beyond visas Is a life In the head

Migrant Micro-Entrepreneurship in Oman: Lessons in Business

I am enamoured by migrants who are micro entrepreneurs, who have their feet on the ground, understand the dynamics of the local market better than any macro economist. The dissecting of the contraction of the market in the light of the low oil prices, although the prices are high enough Hallelujah, is stunning as these … More Migrant Micro-Entrepreneurship in Oman: Lessons in Business