#iphone7 #nofilter #karakchaitales Some days there is simply the image As sorrow drowns out the story Then a painful silence dawns Which itself is the story

Retort as Privileged

The inherent capacity to react to inequalities is itself a privilege. Many just internalise it, as the power to react is just erased. The migrant state of being is one of perennial negotiating as the inequality is simply foreground as a forward in a book. The #metoo or #blacklivesmatter is a signifier of that privileged … More Retort as Privileged

Rethinking SIA

I am rather dumbfounded that social impact assessment practitioners for permitting and planning projects don’t utilise applied history as case studies to foreground the demographic analysis for the project influence area and the performance of participation which stakeholder engagement yields unless backed up by hard cash or resources. There are so many databases and change … More Rethinking SIA


The promise of potential Stunted in its tracks The performance never happened Or did it? The act of performance Validates promise A life however Is not a start up with Face value Where billing has to match receivables Life, with promise or potential Or a failure Is deeply intimate A life lived Not a performance … More Promise/Potential.

Malda to Muscat

I love the entrepreneurial instincts of folks from Dhaka, with or without Education who want to work in Probash to earn money and do something in life. It’s so refreshingly different with regards to linguistic cousins from Kolkata who are often awaiting sarkari jobs. Although in the past few months I have found restaurant staff … More Malda to Muscat


Soul, like a sponge is born free School packages it To be an employee To pay taxes to the state As a consumer to the market It then becomes a stat A good citizen The soul is only important On the death bed Where ethical accounting Kicks in And the ledger of sins is tabulated … More Product/Soul

Structures Matter in Climate Change

It seems from the sustainability fraternity as can be captured from the discourse, narratives and conversations in the digital realm that it is all about meta climate change and finance linked adaptation and associated instruments. The hype from climate change related events, usually PR gigs and the financialization of the climate change narrative, at a … More Structures Matter in Climate Change

Jai Jio

I welcome RIL to the higher education space as the Jindal’s, Nadar’s or even Ashoka are in the game as well. The criticism of the institutes of excellence tag is like a Bollywood award show where the award is purchased with clout. India is a land of ‘Sifarishilals’ hence RIL or Jio University is no … More Jai Jio