Meaningless Binaries

India has entrenched binariesMetropolitan Elite versus the hinterland Vernacular versus Cosmopolitan Now, Secular means GraftAnd Development for Majoritarianism Definitions are being reframed Although the basics stand still Food on the plateRoof on the headJob to support the familyThese are a few of everyone's favourite things

Urgent Poetry

In urgent timesPoetry turns Polemic For a reasonWhen art itself is not response enough Poetry drips realityArundhati writes fiction as real it can getPoetry needs an intimate urgency too———————

Tanking, a Poem

Nation Building is synonym for sacrifice Rituals and Totems of the Nation StateThe Flag, The Anthem, The Parliament Are all vitalAcademia is as wellHuman Development indicators matter A Tank is not one of themNo wonder we trail our neighbours As progress is blinkered And the Nation Is an imagined community With people at its coreWhich … More Tanking, a Poem


Temples of Post Modern Aspiration  Frames lifted from a Science Fiction work Delight anticipated, rather than dystopia  All wired and plugged into a perennial data performance dashboard  Where everything is smart City/Nation Even the Cow Where prejudice is baked in to deep fried data Where are the questions of Memory and Heritage Culture and Social … More Smart/City/Nation


Life is beautiful  Lived in various eras and frequencies Challenges propel us on to higher levels To move on needs an escape velocity Managing ones self at various nodes If often the hardest bet