Image as Time Stamp.

October 2013. Esplanade Theatres by the Bay. Singapore. A favourite pic. Always. Reminds me of time gone by What time can do What time could have done What time has done A reminder of what time can be I have failed myself Redemption lies ahead

Voices of Sustainability: Tales from the Green Front Line

The last two decades since Kyoto Protocol and the various COPs have brought Sustainability, Environment and Climate Change as everyday terms in our lexicon. Millennials and even more Centennials have green as a defining value. Pollution, the first order externality in which sustainability is primarily framed impacts ordinary people from Beijing to Delhi to Singapore. … More Voices of Sustainability: Tales from the Green Front Line

Pari, a review

Pari, the Anushka Sharma and Parambrata starrer is a horror firm within a larger story regarding south Asian narratives and a romantic dimension. It has a meaty ethical underpinning. Good direction by Prosit Roy in a kolkata backdrop with a Bengali star cast. The bylanes of South Kolkata and the Maidan was nice to watch. … More Pari, a review

Crucial Questions for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship in the recent discourse has focused on the exit and the valuation. The quick buck to be made, the Zuckerberg syndrome. Where as the traditional trader and the SME has anchored his/her business on longevity and sustainability. The marathon takes more than the sprint. The questions revolve along multiples and the sales targets. Legitimate … More Crucial Questions for Entrepreneurship

Destroy the template

Not everything has a template in life. A template is a crunch. It might be a supportive friend, a boss who knows that one is not blazing the trail, a reporting deliverable which is rehashed. Create a fresh report. Identify dead weight and reboot. Life does not offer many opportunities. Reflection in this distraction friendly … More Destroy the template