The Hype on JNU

It seems JNU ( in South Delhi near to the media offices including NDTV) is the only place people get to study. The future of work seems to be an alien concept in the Indian Imagination on Education. Let’s have a conversation on how the socioeconomically marginalised can get a future where livelihood security is … More The Hype on JNU

Being Indian.

sense of being Indian is carved by being the ‘other’ migrant all my life in different parts of Asia. I understand the value of the blue travel document at the immigration as not only a access card but as a representation of the post colonial nation state, which stands for a set of ideas. A … More Being Indian.

Less than Martyrs

We live in an ironic era where five Bengali Muslim Workers are killed by militants in Kashmir, a Muslim majority state, sorry UT. They would have been under the scanner for NRC if they would have been in Assam or Karnataka and their Indian ness made suspect, but they died as one

Majlis and Public Participation: The Khaleej Way

As a stakeholder engagement specialist in the Khaleej working on social impact assessment work, forms of public consultation in the region are hardly understood under a western democratic lens. Twitter discourse in the Khaleej is robust and people are highly intelligent and opinionated. The Majlis is informal and nuanced, should not be read as a … More Majlis and Public Participation: The Khaleej Way

Smell the Chai.

It is easy to breathe, to live Although, much harder to be alive Life is more than a checklist to tick When was the last time We world wait to read the paper And drink chai As if it was 1999?