The synonym for neoliberalism is powerlessness
All are interconnected in this food chain

Each subservient to the other layer

Individual rights are championed 

Collective decision making is reduced to a farce

Companies are the new empires

Knowledge is a hammer 

Enlightenment is commodified 

Consumption is Culture 

Relationships of note are passé

In an era where twitter followers can be bought 

We are all Data

Available to the highest bidder

Such is the ‘transaction cost’ 

Efficiency and Productivity are priceless

Social Darwinism is a close relative

Words are able to quell the pain

Well, not quite

Till a few voices are alive 

An Arundhati here, Naomi there

Monbiot in the middle 

A Vandana for the lecture circuit 

Some wine and cheese for washing down the capitalist/activist guilt

The powerless will be muted 

As the middle class are no better

Silenced with jobs taken away

Libel suits thrown at them

There is no better way than poverty to silence the rebel