Expat/Migrant, a Poem

The brown migrant is stripped off agency 
Compelled by fate, driven by economics 

Paid lower wages, than his boss from Global North/Hence called a migrant 

Although there is a hierarchy among the global south too

His pay, will support a village

While he worries for his old age

As there are no savings and social security 

Hopes that his child will chart the same footsteps to Jebel Ali

As he once did from a village in Nagercoil 

Fresh off college, the choice was stark

Either join his relatives business in Bhandup 

Or go for greener pastures in then emerging Dubai

By mortgaging the family silver to the money lender

Fortunately he has paid it back

And manages to get home to his ailing father every 24 months

Hopes to live a normal life

His normalcy is a 10 feet by 10 room in Karama

Shared by one other cousin

In his absence, his child grows up

And recognises his father on IMO

Aspires to show where his father lives

Justifying for his absence 

Also called Pravasi

Hoping to earn his nod/respect someday

More precious than all the gold at Damas and Alukkas combined

Chinese Realpolitik again

India as usual is caught off guard by Chinese Realpolitik. We are too caught up by our internal chaos, petty politics from Kalimpong to Kasargod to give an apt retort. And the Prime time TV debates continue. We have learnt sifar in our capitulation from 1962. 
PayTM should stop taking Chinese VC money then? BMKJ