About Poetry, a Poem

Poetry comes from a certain brokenness A rejection, a hurt

Rarely from celebration 

Rather poetry are words

Seeping through cracks of a soul

Waiting for day break 

Shedding the gloom 

Through words

A certain catharsis 

Experiences get double distilled 

Into the world of words

The lifeworld of intellect

Simply does not satiate

The mirror of the soul


In the deafening chaosWhere money rules 

The lowest common denominator wins

Value of a person his transacted

In a social community 

Called the market

The chess game has its rules 

Mirrors life itself

But rules are a reduction 

People are not stereotypes or caricatures

Rather beautifully full 

And money is not exact of it’s worth and valuations

War for the Planet of Apes: A Movie Review

War for the Planet of Apes, is a moral visual enterprise with a voice which speaks for the times we live in. A script which lauds the underdog, but complicates the idea of war more than a binary which plays to the gallery. A film which is rich in resistance imagery, has a Schindler-esque feel which concentration camps and a white majoratarian edge to it with heavy chanting to the supreme leader, who is obviously fashioned as a leader of a violent militia, with a value laden end, making the ideological frameworks of both parties, the subdued apes and humans look novel on their own independent trajectories. War is rather messed up. The movie questions the value of war, violence, redemption, resistance in a gripping script where top notch performances anchor the two hour plus long movie. The CG and the background scores are the heroes of a political story wrapped around as a superhero film, much deeper than what meets the eye. Glorious social justice watch, entertaining to the brim. Must watch. Many thanks to Jiya for suggesting this picture.