Withered time

Lives were spent planning for the futureWhile the present was withered awayNow the trade offs are now between the losses, … More

Bhutan in the Gulf

Met a Bhutanese national for the first time who is fluent in Hindi at a Canadian Cafe in Muscat. Asked … More

Meaningless Binaries

India has entrenched binariesMetropolitan Elite versus the hinterland Vernacular versus Cosmopolitan Now, Secular means GraftAnd Development for Majoritarianism Definitions are … More

Urgent Poetry

In urgent timesPoetry turns Polemic For a reasonWhen art itself is not response enough Poetry drips realityArundhati writes fiction as … More

Tanking, a Poem

Nation Building is synonym for sacrifice Rituals and Totems of the Nation StateThe Flag, The Anthem, The Parliament Are all … More


Temples of Post Modern Aspiration  Frames lifted from a Science Fiction work Delight anticipated, rather than dystopia  All wired and … More