Life is beautiful  Lived in various eras and frequencies Challenges propel us on to higher levels To move on needs … More

Hyphenated Happiness 

Happiness after long is hyphenated by the other  Takes the lustre away  Life is meant to be a journey  Often … More


The synonym for neoliberalism is powerlessness All are interconnected in this food chain Each subservient to the other layer Individual … More

Visual Authorship on Instagram 

Filters on Instagram/Facebook is aesthetic choice Architecture in a visual discourse, where Instagram is a near anthropological enterprise, with a … More

The creative paradox 

The paradox of monetisation and perennial branding for the creative soul. The art declines when the focus is on the … More

Image, a Poem

More than just a mere imageLoaded with Meaning Nostalgia saturates the senses Where precious years were lived Time is not … More

Regional Film Songs are Global

When regional film song shoots happen overseas with bystanders overseas curiously observing the exotic nature, it exemplifies the global served … More

The Act of Translation 

In the act of translation, the literary translator lends his/her spirit to the text, many a time transforming the mechanics … More

Privileges, a Poem

Checking privileges comes throughShattering Egos Ittjehad Not the easiest  When life is a sledgehammer  Not forgiving  Privileges turns into informal  … More


We don’t miss places/spaces Rather the opportunities with it Coordinates are spaces Geotagged or not  Where lives are lived