My Sustainability Compass

I am not a tree hugger, but I fundamentally believe that Sustainability is a serious enabler for enhancing liveability and resilience across communities with hard science at the best cost with the optimal social licence. The entire climate change argument, seems to have turned in to the seminar and conference circuit. The engineers and the planners with the best models to determine the flood risk and further develop climate adaptive infrastructure. Climate Change requires risk to be quantified in to monetary terms.

Where is the money for massive decarbonisation journeys? All financial Institutions shall require climate risk assessment of infra financing. Over the last decade, the share of conventional sources of energy stays at 81 percent. The increase in power demand is bridged by renewables. Making conventional power work in a climate risk era is a conversation that is often amiss. They are still the major occupant of the energy mix. Creating the devil out of traditional oil and gas along with coal will not help. Let’s bring the climate conversation back to the lab from the conference room. Decarbonisation will entail land use change. Where are the compensation packages for land acquisition ? Most infrastructure projects are still born due to faulty social impact assessments. Sustainable development is about people, let’s bring the rigorous method back in to our impact assessments with serious stake holder assessment and predictive models.

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