The Bend.

Life is a concert of contradictions And A Symphony of Strategies Mostly unknown Encountered at each bend


And my heart is a repository of diminished dreams, but new ones flower, new hope arises, only to be flattened … More


Happy Republic Day India! We celebrate the audacity the vision of an inclusive constitution in 1950, a people’s constitution in … More


Incomplete wins Tolerable loses Dreams deferred Sounds familiar? Also known As Adulting


I belong nowhere The paycheck is the destination Hence I belong everywhere The belonging is to an imagination The physical … More

A Decade, Later.

Ten years back (no photos here), I was working at a consulting firm for projects in South Sudan in Oman, … More

Migrant Spaces: Bur Dubai

Had a fascinating evening chatting up with a bewildering cast of characters in Bur Dubai from a Moradabadi Barber who … More