And my heart is a repository of diminished dreams, but new ones flower, new hope arises, only to be flattened at the next bend


Happy Republic Day India! We celebrate the audacity the vision of an inclusive constitution in 1950, a people’s constitution in the words of Rohit De. From Porbandar to Itanagar, we are Indian- the strength of the nation is its fragmented, yet thoroughly inclusive character. We are many, yet one when we vote in 2019. Jai … More Republic.


I belong nowhere The paycheck is the destination Hence I belong everywhere The belonging is to an imagination The physical destination, is however a luxury Few can belong to

A Decade, Later.

Ten years back (no photos here), I was working at a consulting firm for projects in South Sudan in Oman, and moved in to NUS, Singapore for my terrific masters, an idealist who wanted to make the tiny red dot home to now after 4 countries, two masters and a few gigs later, a man … More A Decade, Later.