Weddings Create Work

Big Fat Weddings are good for business and they create jobs in the events sector. MICE is a big urban employment generator from Davos to Singapore. Social theorists who are criticising the large spends would probably vie for an endowed chair in a university sponsored by them. Jobs are real, and jobs created support lives, even if it is through a fancy wedding. It’s very well to read articles on The Wire or Scroll while sipping your mocha in Khan Market or Tiong Bahru and comment on the obscene wealth. It is power that brings HRC and Beyoncé to town. Business people work very hard to earn their money, as it is risk capital. They do better than engaging in flimsy debates.

Think Tank Vision

The role of the Think/Do Tank is the reimagine the role of the knowledge mediator in the Sustainability Ecosystem with the generation of not merely white papers for the PR Mill but to develop actionable intelligence for the practitioner ecosystem whether it is in making science work for policy to guiding the consulting sector with the best tools for business. We are the catalyst for implementation, and we mean action, as rhetoric is for other talk shops.