Network Flows

Without sponsors, mentors and souls willing to support us in our journey to support them, one cannot do anything substantial as every phenomenon, organisation and profession is a network of capital and idea flows. This is something not taught enough in college, as the same professor that one hates, offers a great interview tip a boss that foul mouths is usually the one which offers transformational advice and a great reference letter.

Build relationships, not grades.

Conversations with Cabbies: Muscat Edition

A few evenings back, I sat in a cab shuttling between malls, when I flagged down a cab which was driven by Salman, a massive Bollywood buff. When he heard that I was from Mumbai (my passport address is a Navi Mumbai one at least, a bureaucratic anchor for a fluid identity at best) he was very keen to discuss movies. I am a cheap Bollywood movie enthusiast, He said that his favourite actors were Nana Patekar and Mithun Da, and honestly I was startled as usually the Khan’s are a perennial favourite here in the region with locals.

We then moved to the debacle that was Thugs, and in the brief trip spoke about Manoj Bajpayee’s acting in Satya as Bhiku Mhatre and also a scene from Gangs of Wasseypur. The passion regarding movies was palpable and he was really analytical in his feedback.

It’s nice that these events happen spontaneously and makes life lively.