Blank spaces Road blocks Are dead ends Ripples of failure Flutter These are starts Growth Starts from nowhere

The Human Chatbot

In the various technicolor masks We slip on, the performance of the office amphitheater The real self for a flicker Peeping through the various iterations Of mental costumes, Between meetings, small talk The performance of the ‘face’ In front of the open office Real work just about, happens Inspite of the mask Lean in, authenticity … More The Human Chatbot

Temporary People, by Deepak Unnikrishnan: A Tour De Force

Deepak Unnikrishnan’s Temporary People is the best migration oriented book on the Gulf and in general in a while. The power of this poetry and prose has an experiment texture but delivers the message about the Indian ness or the sheer lack of it once one has never lived in India, and the conception of … More Temporary People, by Deepak Unnikrishnan: A Tour De Force

Sur Fort: Photo Essay

Crossing the Tropic of Cancer into Sur, the historic Omani Trading Town on the Sea of Oman/Arabian Sea interface is a journey into the past and how well it juxtaposes with the contemporary reality of Oman as a shipping and tourism hub is a wonderful case study for Gulf Studies Scholars. I visited the unexplored … More Sur Fort: Photo Essay


In an ocean of opinions Where is the vague moral compass Contexts shuffle Realities splinter Converge and merge The I, We and the Us Traded in for positions On life’s chessboard Is it important For the ‘I’ To emerge?


Survival, short hand for a migrant Residue of self Caste, Class,Faith, Race Find meaning In art In the words that are carved Sculptures of the mind To hold the person Deep within The world outside Needs paper Passport,Visa, Bank Statement To construct the self Borders and passport stamps Delineate the migrant In the amphitheater of … More Self.