Blank spaces Road blocks Are dead ends Ripples of failure Flutter These are starts Growth Starts from nowhere

The Human Chatbot

In the various technicolor masks We slip on, the performance of the office amphitheater The real self for a flicker … More

Ideologies as contested spaces

Ideologies are thought infrastructures, it’s nuts and bolts are implemented in how people think, that is routinely the politics of … More

Sur Fort: Photo Essay

Crossing the Tropic of Cancer into Sur, the historic Omani Trading Town on the Sea of Oman/Arabian Sea interface is … More


In an ocean of opinions Where is the vague moral compass Contexts shuffle Realities splinter Converge and merge The I, … More


Survival, short hand for a migrant Residue of self Caste, Class,Faith, Race Find meaning In art In the words that … More

Celebrating Absence

Life is spent in making a living And celebrating festivals on Facebook And Watsapping family While remittances are our absence … More