A Year in Writing 2018

It’s been an incredible year in writing with yours truly scribbling for the Middle East Institute, National University of Singapore with Dr Nisha in a follow up to my talk in May this year. It was a pleasure to catch up with the dynamic Wade Shepard in Muscat in February and be extensively quoted in his article on Ad Duqm in August in The Gaurdian.

I started writing for SAFPO as a non traditional security contributor to Asia Analyst Debasis Dash’s web blog. I was wrote on the gulf migrant cinematic experience for The World of Apu edited by Ramchander Krishna and Anusha Srinivasan.

I started the year by contributing to the Future Jobs Book by the New Indian Express on Environmental Engineering as a career. The book is my first contribution to a book in hard copy.

I enjoy writing as a craft and as a medium to make us more relatable. I also writing for independent entrepreneurial media platforms where the idea prevails rather than the brand. My humble creative blog, changethinker.com has a near 21k hits and I complete 8 years of scribbling for it.

My writing life is a trace paper to my real life as I write in consulting for a living. Oman and this wider region is an inheritance as well as my destiny . I look forward to writing more on narratives which make our place in our communities more liveable with voices with a small ‘v’. I have been fortunate to travel throughout Oman this year, understanding and comprehending the times that we reside in. No academic or editorial gatekeeper can mute my voice, as I will contribute to the discourse on ideas, big and small.