The Meaning of #notinmyname

#notinmyname protests today was a glimmer of a muted outrage brewing across India. India is not lynching-stan or a banana republic. Junaid or Pahlu are not names to be erased off history books or caches from the net, they are what can happen if things go to the extreme for an ideology, where anything minority is shorthand for not Indian or anti establishment. On today’s news hour on #HateNow channel, John Dayal and Poonawala were called to prove their Indian ness, which is puke worthy. A Pakistani student expressing solidarity is called names. Where have we as an educated polity regressed to? Is the metric of success for the right the strike rate in election victories and nothing else matters. Perennial electoral mode rather than governance is the prevailing sentiment of the Day. 
Ideologies are conceptual categories as well as a political practice borrowing Prof Bidyut Chakraborty’s work on Indian Communist movements. The Hindu Right, might just be extending its good luck a bit too far, by equating electoral victories as hegemonic support in the absence of an opposition of note. The nation asked for decisive leadership, and what we received was quite short of it. 
India is in Nagaland, Kerala, West Bengal too. The politics of Hindi heartland is infectious, from Raisina Hill to Davos. BMKJ.