Articulations about Sustainability 

Sustainability is an oxymoron, even professionals vaguely understand it as quote a definition from 1987 Brundtland Report. Sustainable development is understood to be different aspects to disparate stakeholders. The context is the king maker. Every geographic reality will have unique demands. Environmental, Social and Economic Strands are deeply intertwined in ways more nuanced than simplistic … More Articulations about Sustainability 

Ramadan Kareem 

The solace of the Magrib prayer, next door The smell of the tandoor for the elaborate Iftaar  The city-region coils into family mode Streets are empty Shops leisurely open for patrons  A celebration of faith deeply personal  Life progresses into a slower track Modernity makes space for the old MP 28th May 2017 Muscat. Aka Home

Arundhati Roy: The Public Intellectual’s Arguments 

Arundhati Roy has her own seminar circuit audience in left liberal circles globally. She has a good livelihood from the incredible GOST royalties, and her lesser known, although powerfully written non fiction work which I am fortunate to have read line by line. Not all her writings are on the K issue, read Doctor and … More Arundhati Roy: The Public Intellectual’s Arguments 

Conversation with a Journalist Power Couple in Oman 

Practising Journalists need to speak to J School Academics in India. We are a generation which questions barely and shouts jargons at the drop of the hat. More power to independent voices such a power couple in Journalism/Documentary Film making today evening in Muscat today. Kudos to them regarding their documentary projects in Europe, Africa … More Conversation with a Journalist Power Couple in Oman 

Migrant Diaries: Muscat Field Notes 

Cities of the Gulf are made by migrants over the past fifty years. More than three generations have grown up here with a semi detached relationship with home passport countries. Malls articulate this complicated relationship status quite well; chole bature, coexists with shawarma, kahwa with karak chai. The fare from the motherland, with the material … More Migrant Diaries: Muscat Field Notes 

Air Travel as contested sites of emotion

Airports are melting pots of aspirations, compulsions and an embodiment of ‘the journey’. Budget carriers are status symbols of ‘we have arrived’ and not arrived as well, as the air steward sells tea at thirty six thousand feet, while cringing while counting the change. 6E sells masala chai at three USD/RO 1, on international flights … More Air Travel as contested sites of emotion

Personal Libraries 

Libraries are like personal collections, take eons of all matter of resources to curate an exhibition. Rather, the functional transforms into the aesthetic, as motive, meaning fuse into something bigger than previously unimaginable.