India-Pakistan Cricket: More than mere sport 

Sport is a backhanded way of expressing Nationalism, paraphrasing Prof Amit Chaudhuri’s statement in a recent interview in the Indian Express on his new book, which I thoroughly adored gorging on. The media hype in the aftermath of the London Attacks were insensitive, but we have normalised and internalised violence in our daily lives with Manchester,Berlin and Paris in the recent past.  
The theatres of Nationalist exuberance have been the same since the India Pakistan Test Match in 1999 test at the Eden Gardens, where a Lakh people had gathered and Geoff Boycott had famously quipped that when ‘ these two countries are not exploding nuclear bombs, they play cricket’, as this game is a metaphor for phenomena more than the humble sport itself in India. 
Sport is about a game, evaluate it for the ‘beef of the matter’ BMKJ
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