Malls, A Poem

Malls are cathedrals of late capitalism
Symbolise a vague sameness
An unnecessary similarity
Whether Muscat, Mumbai or Medan
Same shops, Daiso here, Starbucks there
These sterilised structures of wasteful consumption
Refuge for the middle class during summer
These communal spaces of ‘brand brotherhood’
Often uproot disenfranchised communities of their land
Only, to offer them a watchman’s job

Anti Expat Nomenclatures 

Cities have their own nomenclature for expressing non welcoming behaviour against ‘expats’ and are quite creative at them. The acronym for the gulf should be as indicting as FILTH (Failed in London, Try Hong Kong) Singaporean version: Fallen Talent, Foreign Trash for FTs. There are various hierarchies amongst expats too, South Asian versus Western Passports etc.