Gulf Dreams

Dreams of Temporary People
Bags being packed
Reluctantly memories are being packed too

Uprooting from ones transient homes eons

They were not very transient after all

We accidentally invested too much

Transience became Permanant 

We became one with the place

Growing up, is after all

Piggy banking on our parents 

We hope to break out

But when we do

We figure out, that it’s our stories too
The Gulf is borrowed time

But this extended time 

Unknowingly, becomes our lives

With memories, nostalgias and sorrows 

This time, we hope that we had made initially our own



Family Homes or not, Singapore comes first

As a person who has been involved with Singapore over the past decade, through education and work at the two premier public sector universities; i would say that the FamiLEE matter is rather trivial, and surely makes for excellent banter over Teh Halia in a Kopitiam lah. Singapore is a postcolonial success story, and in this VUCA world, where strong leadership is vital, some real estate tussle should not take the focus away from creating the future. The PAP Leadership is World Class, with no parallel for it in Asia. #Majulah