Digital has a price?

The issue with digital vis-à-vis any other new technology diffusion curve is a problem of scale and velocity. Algorithms as mathematical black boxes are secret rules and surveillance is omnipresent. Anything free is dangerous. Most social and civic technologies are free and give away the privacy rights without any second thought. Privacy is a social … More Digital has a price?

GOT meets Bhojpuri 

The tragedy of translation when Game of Thrones is translated in to Bhojpuri. Mode of Cultural Production is a site where fantasy and aspirations meets expectations and reality. At times like this, they just comically collide.

Digital is an Ideology

The Digital is an ideology of power, masked as benevolent enabler, ephemeral as the time goes by. Similar to environmentalism in the 1990’s. We need a Captain Planet type animated propaganda now. Or is the mainstream discourse enough?