Think through jargons

If anything cannot be quantified is called ‘strategic’ , and anything which cannot be scaled is ’boutique’. We are prisoners of our own logic. Start up founders and founders, think through the words being deployed in our everyday communication, as not every one will be consuming jargon sans any thought.

Modiji speaks Demonetisation 

Modiji takes back the Demonetisation narrative in the well of the house. ‘Corruption breeds in the Cash Economy’ says the Prime Minister, and adds that this step was taken at a time when, post Diwali the economic health was its peak. The anchor of the narrative is anti corruption, and cash is the enemy. The argument is tried to be won by attacking historic graft. Demonetisation is framed as affirmative action to tackle graft, which the Congress lacked and thus the juxtaposition of intent versus action. At last the intent is the weapon in this narrative war.