The superficiality of the Digital 

One of the greatest features of the hyper digital era, more information than we can process juncture, euphemistically called Big Data, unimaginatively reduced to a term which no one really understands properly, is the obsession with the instant, outcomes and monetisation of our everyday activities think how social media companies make money of our likes, shares and quips. The lack of the reasonable long term is changing the superficial without tackling the basics of rights, agriculture and climate change. The vexed is so uncool.

The Modern is being ruptured 

Trump and his shock doctrine decision making is reframing how we define our everyday life and the larger geopolitical narrative arc since 1945. Our lives are in a flux between the structuralist modern, a broach from the traditional, brushing with new radical thought and a revision back to our primal selves, as a addressing to that globalisation has not created winners, jobs have been lost to China. The post modern is surreal, a blur and the world order is being disrupted with very old school racist pandering. The digital, which is so called modern is a surveillance tool in the eternal panopticon, is being deployed to amplify the neo-colonial prejudices. Then in this times, I wonder; what is the true modern? Are the data points on the digital a reflection of history making? Or is a brief distance in terms of time critical in meaning making of the continual discourses of our time? Power to frame what is considered modern, is also an interrogation in to the modernity that we celebrate. Silicon Valley is suddenly realising that Capitol Hill is relevant, and not the past masters. Trump is manufacturing a rupture in terms of the status quo. Peter Thiel has a back up plan with a NZ Passport since 2011. 

Trust in Teams

Creative and Analytical Research Leaders in the corporate-social space add unprecedented value if the clients on the on other side of the power equation are reading off the same page, in operations, grant development or in cutting edge thought leadership. Bonding and Trust in Teams is critical for resonance. As organisations expect clarity of employees, employees expect the same amount of trust reflected in proper paperwork and appreciation. Professionals are here to do real work.