Sustainability Science needs to reclaim the narrative

The topics covered in the media regarding the subsets of environmental domain is rather limited. Climate Change is political; macro and sexy. Sanitation gets traction especially in the Indian press, although the infra work needs a lot more focus, any media outreach is good. Contaminated Soil and Groundwater gets the least attention. Environmental regulation, urbanisation … More Sustainability Science needs to reclaim the narrative

Silencing reality 

The sophistication of the jargon such as shared mobility and the driver as a partner in the shared/gig economy as spouted by the Ola founder, cannot mask that these folks are susceptible to price adjustments, no sick leave, zilch support otherwise. The narrative of disruption often silences the social fissures catalysed by neoliberal capitalism.  The … More Silencing reality 

Recording ‘History’ on Social Media 

How History is recorded on Social Media, with amazing status messages, tweets and blogs as parallel running commentary shaping the contours of discourse. These thoughts are rants, erudite retorts and simply an affirmative soundboard. The Election Season is one major example such active civic engagement. Influencers on social media shape the direction of debate, but … More Recording ‘History’ on Social Media 

Yogi, Ram Rajya and a ‘Political Hindu’ Paradigm 

The Yogi’s appointment as CM is a shock doctrine application of a leader which staunch Hindutva credentials. Such a decision would be unthinkable even in 2014. This is keeping in mind the elections in Gujarat, MP and Chattisgarh as these are the fortresses to win again. A certain Hindutva politics is mainstream in these states, … More Yogi, Ram Rajya and a ‘Political Hindu’ Paradigm