The Fear of Small Numbers

The ‘fear of small numbers’ just keeps expanding, as there is no end to the process of othering as it is a vote bank in democracies. Inclusiveness should be the calling card in democracies rather than fear. Alt Right to the Hindu Right, the playbook is the same.

Demonetisation at an awards show

Stardust Sansui Colors Awards 2017, the presenters Abhishek Bachchan and Retiesh Deshmukh crack a joke by paying ‘Homage’ to the 500/1000 rupee denomination note, making every one stand up on the pretext of honouring the departed souls for the past year. The celebrities cracked up. Another anecdote in the popular imagination regarding demonetisation.

DeMo and Lit Fests: Popular Imagination Captured 

Jaipur Literature Festival in January 2017, had a high-powered panel on titled ‘The Theater of Demonetisation’ as a creative act; as a work of creation. Polyglot Sanjeev Sanyal called the demonetization event as a leap into the dark. The theory has little to say, other than that there will be pain. The empirical perspective calls … More DeMo and Lit Fests: Popular Imagination Captured