The BMC Polls and DeMo : A short note

The Shiv Sena, retained its vote share. The local municipal polls are fought on extremely micro issues, and a lot of ex NCP chaps moved to BJP all over Maharashtra, and the NCP+Congress crumbled. There has been a transfer of votes from NCP+Congress to the BJP. This is not a vote for DeMo, as DeMo as a shock doctrine event has left its mark, and the situation is near normal after 3.5 months, the fake 2k notes is here too as per media reports. It is a definitive symptom of normalcy. A neighbor intent on economic destabilization, will not stop at DeMo to attack the financial spine. DeMo, is a step towards a global secular theology of neoliberal finance intertwined by tech capitalism, think the multilateral agency funded ‘Better Than Cash Alliance’. In India, it wraps itself in a shroud of cultural nationalism. India is a deeply religious Hindu nation within the home, and the secularism breaks at the seams and is transactional at best. The civilizational state is a living being.

The hierarchies of analysis for an election cannot be limited to binaries.

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