Collective Action in the Digital 

The so called digital economy crumbles, when transportation technology aggregator business models are not cost efficient, raise and burn cash to gain market share and finally when the crunch comes, the incentives are slashed, the ‘achche din’ for the cabbies are gone, most of them made almost two lakh every month, took on hefty bank loans to finance the sedans, now brace a slowdown in income. The OLA-Uber collective labor action aka strike paralysing local transport in Delhi, rewinding back to the pre digital era where autos ruled the road. After traversing diagonally to Noida from south Delhi yesterday via the good old auto via the standard meter rate, I would say they are truly the masters of the local ecosystem. The convenience of the transportation aggregator was surely missed; the GPS, the e-wallet payment etc. The standards of service have risen. This collective action, reveals how traditional urban life is. One strike can impose cracks in the era of the digital.

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