Budget 2017 Notes

38,500 cr for MNREGA in the Budget is the biggest validation Modiji can give for a social sector scheme which was once derided do its graft. Food and Income Security Schemes are band aid for the rural sector, but very relevant as these are the often the last resort for the poor. Even if the two Arvind’s with US Green Cards criticised subsidies, the politics of the hinterland not Dalal Street matter with regional polls around the corner. By the way, the real need for MNREGA is 48000 cr as a base figure and 80,000 cr demand from the states. It is a demand led program from the states. 
It’s a ‘Munim ji’s’ Budget as Nitin Desai quips in Rajdeep Sardesai’s program today evening. A conservative budget to patch the deleterious impacts of Demonetisation. The Big Bang was carried out on 8th November 2016.
As a flip side mirror image, the Mobikwik CEO says, that digital and cashless payments was mentioned for the maximum number of times.
Good point of the Budget: Affordable Housing gets infrastructure status

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