Climate Thoughts

Predictive analytics and community level resilience have to couple up for climate adaptation to occur. Quantify impact of GHG emissions in Dollars and Cents, so that the impact is crystal clear. A lot of our impact assessment is qualitative bordering on vague as meaning making hinges many a time on the context.

Praxis than Paper

For more than a library of research papers on low income migration from the global south, a community organisation with lawyers and doctors do more to help deliver aid, than an academic who writes on the lived experience with out helping out in any tangible manner. How many papers do labor policy bureaucrats read?

Migrant Culture Mainstreamed

I am glad that the Migrant Culture scene in Singapore has evolved from being an opposition minded anti PAP theatre to one which is thoroughly mainstreamed. The poor migrant workers who are interested in aid and support primarily are spared from being used as a pawn by so called activists.

Weddings Create Work

Big Fat Weddings are good for business and they create jobs in the events sector. MICE is a big urban employment generator from Davos to Singapore. Social theorists who are criticising the large spends would probably vie for an endowed chair in a university sponsored by them. Jobs are real, and jobs created support lives, … More Weddings Create Work

Think Tank Vision

The role of the Think/Do Tank is the reimagine the role of the knowledge mediator in the Sustainability Ecosystem with the generation of not merely white papers for the PR Mill but to develop actionable intelligence for the practitioner ecosystem whether it is in making science work for policy to guiding the consulting sector with … More Think Tank Vision

Network Flows

Without sponsors, mentors and souls willing to support us in our journey to support them, one cannot do anything substantial as every phenomenon, organisation and profession is a network of capital and idea flows. This is something not taught enough in college, as the same professor that one hates, offers a great interview tip a … More Network Flows