The Nothingness of a Migrant

Once middle class, or bordering it

Now, migrant

Not really mainstream

A service provider

A statistical note

A cog to keep prices low

In the meantime, fill stomachs

Feed families from Pindi to Palakkad

Yes, the sheer act is to recognise

And negotiate invisible glass ceilings

All an ephemeral act

Seen at home as an ATM

An outsider in the migrant Coffee shops

Drowning misery over Karak Chai

Watching Asianet on a Thursday night

Waiting for Jumma Nawaz on Friday

In the only crisp salwar

The only non work outfit in the suitcase

Waiting for the Kerala Dum Biryani after Jumma

The nap after the Biryani is gold

Then the passionate discussion on Nawaz

All waiting for the rooster to crow on a Sunday

For meter down,

For life to keep running

This life is better than working at Chawla Chicken or riding an auto

At least the migrant tag buys me respect

For whatever little it is worth

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