Kingsman 2: A review

Kingsman 2 is a funny, engaging spy watch. Thriller is not a term for this film, as the humour is subtle and very Brit. The film is as global as it can get from the UK to mid western United States to Italy to Cambodia and Singapore. The plot regarding substance abuse has a lot of layers and it’s fleshed out in a melodramatic musical vein with a liberal dash of Elton John innit (Brit pun intended). Julianne Moore as the drug lord with a Harvard MBA, with CEO oops psychopath characteristics is smooth laced with cynical artificial charm aces the role, who treats substance abuse as a legitimate pharma product, arm twisting the world with spiked products with a secret antidote.

A lead GOT actor, gets a meaty role with Colin Firth, exemplifying class. The film at times had a Bollywood type cinematic texture to it. It was a tad stretched at 140 minutes plus. Thoroughly enjoyable watch for its action sequences and complex story with various sub plots, with relevance to the era we live in including references to Tinder, Glastonbury, 20 hour work days, robotic pets and the role pharmaceutical capitalism plays in our interconnected world.

An enjoyable one time watch.




Repivoting Digital

As the world goes towards curating a digital present fashioning a new modern , the basics of society seem to take a back seat. The fundamentals seem to be out of focus. There is hunger and no stress on food production reform except agri biotech start ups concentrating on weed resistant strains. Farmers kill themselves in hordes, and DeMo does not make it any easier.

The era of the digital is always leading to a wave of job losses, and the good minister for railways calls it an opportunity for entrepreneurship. Digital is not adding to job creation, rather the process efficiencies are canabalizing work.

Narrative spins can shift perceptions for a while, but the ghosts of medieval realities haunt if the level jobs are not created. Development as performance mediated via totems such as bullet trains (on loan money, just before polls in Amdavad), statues and ‘Skill (Fail) India’, ‘Start Up (Where?) India and Clean (Build Toilets) India’ can take the electoral gravy train thus far.

In the IoT era, there are missing tracks which cause fatal train accidents. Where is the network of smart sensors for failure detection? Digital Modernity needs to be recalibrated to the basics. The questions we need to probe is:

Is this hype changing basic quality of life for a certain segment of the population?

Most identify based services are online in India, though can be expedited through an additional facilitation fee. Ask any small time trader negotiating the morass called the GST.

Achche Din needs more gravitas. BMKJ. Jai Maharashtra.