Consulting Critique

Consulting firms should be open to ideas from Academia and Civil Society for better ideas for application, engagement and dialogue. There is a general whiff to be anti intellectual, and simply brush off the PhDs, as idealistic. How many consultants do read latest research on Science Direct to bring their knowledge up to speed? Applied … More Consulting Critique

Mumbai never learns

As usual, Mumbaikars will forget the loss of life in the ethos of so called Resilience, and continue with life hoping for its bullet train. The Mumbai Local Train system, the life line of the city is efficient and sub human at the same time. This too shall pass.


Transitions have their own pace From one moment, status quo To the next blink, a dramatic turn of events Do we prepare Yes, subconsciously Then why are we taken aback? The reaction to change often depends on excess space


Writing is about enjoying the process of crafting the narrative. Sharing the content to drive SEO defeats the purpose. Hollow sharing sans engagement diminishes the ‘You Inc’ brand. Share a story. Be authentic.

Voices of Migrants: Recession, South Asia and Everyday Life

In a certain city of the oil rich Persian Gulf, I encountered the recession due to the low oil prices first hand as I met a middle aged man fluent in Urdu, from the premier coastal commercial city, ‘selling pens’ to generate an income as the Tissue Uncles and Aunties do in Singapore, both certainly … More Voices of Migrants: Recession, South Asia and Everyday Life

Language of Innovation

In order to make Meaning out of disparate piecemeal events, the language to string together the phenomenon has to be different than the data points. Innovation is a non linear thought project; real time, fresh, with a appreciation of history of what can work and what could be skipped. Demand orientation makes time, the most … More Language of Innovation