Rethink Risk in the AI era

I was reading again recently through two seminal works in Science and Technology Studies, which I religiously read in graduate school; Risk Society by Prof Beck and Normal Accidents by Charles Perrow. These works lay the basis of risk and complexity. I wonder these thirty year old works deserve an upgrade in the form of a conversation while we confront in The Extended Intelligence era; automation, augmented reality, smart cities etc. The Future of Work paradigm deserves a separate mention later in the post.

I wonder how many of the Tech CEO’s have read up on the ethics of AI and the moral scaffolding of risk to sieve through their decisions. The Future of Work in an era where conventional trade, resources and associated limitations (Post Oil in the Gulf and Post IT in India) are showing up when jobs collide with the new economy based on digital and EI, is significant for most societies. Samanth Subramanian’s recent article in MIT Technology Review, on the impact of AI on India’s complacent IT space should be a wake up call.

Tech will prevail over naysayers as capitalism propels it. The velocity of Money crushes any structures of regulation. Things are evolving, and Darwin’s Law will prevail, as capitalism does not stop for anything. Society needs to reimagine risk and mitigate accordingly.