Question for the Post Oil Era

It will be a feat of intellectual production to reimagine the restructuring of the economies of the petroleum world from Moscow to Medan in the post oil era particularly when the world is staring at USD 10 per barrel prices in the upcoming decade as solar and wind, become mainstream with Electric Vehicles leading the caravan in the mobility and renewable revolution. Some real feat will be that report.

Migrant Literature in Singapore

It’s amazing that Migrants in Singapore with real talent such as MD Sharif and Amrakajona Zakir Bhai are getting a shot at publishing their experiences in text along with Mukul, who has become a micro celebrity of sorts. These are real authors with talent. Mohsin Malhar Gwee Li Sui Shivaji Das Theophi Kwek Cai Yinzhou and others who have heralded the ecosystem deserve a rich pat on the back. Richard Angus Whitehead too deserves a mention for academically studying this phenomenon.

Having been a co partner in this journey, this Singapore case study has carry over experiences for Hong Kong and the Gulf.