Carbon as Culture

Interdisciplinarity is the prerequisite boundary condition for ESG as risk is a map where the valency of weighted averages at each space-time node is different. The single-issue specialist would not be able to grasp the risk associated with impact investing and transition finance. Teams of engineers, nature scientists and lawyers need to work with economists and corporate finance professionals to build products that finance change. The frontiers are spilling over with possibilities to innovate.

Tech is a perennial magnet for top talent as the opportunities for growth are present. ESG is getting there, but the fluid skills terrain will leave much to be asked for. Carbon is about reporting, also about trading and about technology. Carbon is vital as it is about survival and not about being an element on the periodic table taught in middle school.

Carbon will be culture soon. When you buy a product, one asks about the monetary price. The carbon impact will be part of that pricing strategy soon as the environmental and social cost.

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