Capital Towards Climate Action.

Climate Action (as Change is underway) is a capital allocation problem. Capital access for transition is an imperative as other variables such as talent and technology gravitate towards wicked problems when resources are abundant.

ESG is a responsible capitalism issue, but climate action with its planetary risk implications is the ‘society as a whole’ problem to tackle at multiple scales.

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ESG Open Data

The ushering in an era of open data in the ESG governance sphere brings out a radical transparency and trust among the investor community. The emergent risks of transnational climate litigation such as the shell case in Nigeria or modern slavery triggers in SE Asia, good reporting is beyond compliance as it is risk mitigation towards black swan activist action that can short a stock and collapse shareholder value.

Why should I do ESG reporting should not even be a question, rather what are my risks is a better frame to look at ESG.


Sustainability is not a real goal.

Sustainability or ESG is either the end or the means to an end. ESG needs to be viewed as a web of risks with each node as varied gradients. ESG is about risk related to investor value capture. Sustainability is a normative and fuzzy. The ends need to be defined, as sustainability can be an opening into restoration, rejuvenation, and resilience.

Climate resilience is a real goal, and everything converges around it.


Decolonised Christmas.

Bengali Christians have been celebrating the ‘Boro Din’ through payesh and plum cake, and mangshor bhat in the afternoon in an act of creolization forever. The term ‘Boro Din’ or Big Day denotes a monumental event in the calendar as does Selamat Hari Natal for Christians in the Nusantara. ‘Hari’ again denotes the big day in Bahasa Indonesia, which is also deployed for Eid.

Christmas for Copts and Levantine Arabs is Eid as well.

Cultures share common traits, which render humanity richer.

From Payesh to Muklabia to Kueh, do soak in the Joy.

Interoperability of ESG Disclosure Standards: A Note

The SEBI mapping of green bonds akin to Article 8 of the EU Taxonomy is the part of inter-operability of sustainability disclosure standards. The local and the global weave into a seamless tapestry of regulatory topologies. The Indian ‘Atma-Nirbhar’ variant of ESG Reporting mandated by SEBI, the Business Responsibility & Sustainability Reporting (BRSR) is mapped to CDP, GRI, TCFD and SASB frameworks.

And even better it is mandatory for the top thousand publicly listed firms on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). This in line with mandatory sustainability disclosures at the SGX and stringent measures by the MAS in Singapore. The terrain of global capital is truly ‘flat’, Thomas Friedman would be proud.


Migrant Day 2022

Happy International Migrants Day!

One of the few days in the calendar which is of significant meaning to me. Mobility is a frame of life, as aspiration and a will to do better for our families. On a personal note, I work with organizations who care for the the transnational subaltern at the scale of the homeland and the host land.

As a second-generation Gulf kid, migration is more than theory for the h index. Lived experience trumps the discourse on remittances.

From the girmitiya to the partition impacted to the tech folks on the H1B, precarity frames the migration journey.

Panel on Platform Labour

Such an honor to be a discussant to a labor in platform economy panel with stalwart labor researchers organized by the Just Economy Labor Institute, Thailand. It was truly a global panel with Hong Kong, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the US present.

I owe my debt to Prof Neil Coe for the learning.

As a para-academic, I am indebted to such opportunities.

Thank you so much Pak Fahmi for the invitation.

A Zoomed Knowledge Conversation

Learning on Demand.

I have a sense after a fair bit of entrepreneurship that there is a massive delta between what is taught in university and the skills needed in a real job. The basics of problem solving, communication, stakeholder management, self-managing, risk taking are hard to get.

The executive education scene is also made up of the same set of academics.

Coaches are too pushy for the sale. Where are people who can be a blend of an academic, executive, entrepreneur, and coach. Solutions would need to be bespoke, artisanal, and specific, akin to a therapist on call.

The professionals on the job are often lost as mentoring and real learning is not available. There is a market opportunity somewhere.