ESG as Essential Services.

ESG, to borrow a pandemic era phrase, is ‘essential services’ for businesses, investors, third sector and governments. It is a part of the plumbing for responsible capitalism. The terms responsible and just are critical and are constructs which allow for ethics to find the space with global capital. Strange bedfellows, right?

ESG is operational as much as strategic, and datafication allows it to be tactical. Somewhere lurking in the shadow of carbon is the community, which is being integrated in the ESG ecosystem with BHR and DEI.

To make ESG work is the glue called culture, which makes things stick beyond the SOP. ESG will need to outgrow itself and be BAU as marketing or operations, as ESG is operations itself.


Meta Learning

In the times we live in where data is easily available and learning is a click away, how we approach

– Meta Cognition
-Meta Emotion
– Meta Learning

is crucial to make sense. Value creation in the era of Generative AI and Chat GPT is a challenge of a different scale.