The Power of Impact.

I have been talking and thinking about loss, pain, and failure recently and the manner we process it has an important bearing on how we experience life. As an impact driven entrepreneurial hack, failures have been frequent and fast leading to questions about where are you going?

The only certainty is uncertainty and the notion of stability which the previous generation took for granted is now past fast. Unstable can be reframed as being on the move, and mobility is a frame of reference and lens rather than the curated resume that hiring managers look for.

Well impact is determined in outcomes and not in years as the social contract has evolved. We are all on a platform where human talent is service on demand to the purveyors of power and capital.

A friend who is in HR recently equipped, why have you changed jobs?

Well, it is a function of the opportunities generated and the impact one wishes to imagine.

Well, most HR functions can be replaced by algorithms. Rain making is an art.

There is new white space to create each day.

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