Repurposing ESG Talent.

ESG Reporting follows a rich tradition of compliance related discourses over the decades. Environmental and Social Risk has been around for forty years. A few professionals who can be repurposed for the just transition era:

– EHS Manager to Sustainability Lead
– Process Engineer to Carbon Assessor
-Safety Engineer to Sustainability Risk Professional
– Company Secretary to ESG Disclosure Professional
– HR Manager to People Positive Professional
– Finance Manager to Integrated Reporting Professional

A lot of the data sits within the organization itself. Not every paradigm does not need a ‘paradigm shift’ (a term borrowed from Thomas Kuhn’s STS Classic, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions).

History and Cultures are important to map ‘transitions’, no one knows period categories than historians. Culture is downstream of history. Transparency and Trust key to ESG Performance is a function of operating cultures.

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