Sustainability is not a real goal.

Sustainability or ESG is either the end or the means to an end. ESG needs to be viewed as a web of risks with each node as varied gradients. ESG is about risk related to investor value capture. Sustainability is a normative and fuzzy. The ends need to be defined, as sustainability can be an opening into restoration, rejuvenation, and resilience.

Climate resilience is a real goal, and everything converges around it.


Decolonised Christmas.

Bengali Christians have been celebrating the ‘Boro Din’ through payesh and plum cake, and mangshor bhat in the afternoon in an act of creolization forever. The term ‘Boro Din’ or Big Day denotes a monumental event in the calendar as does Selamat Hari Natal for Christians in the Nusantara. ‘Hari’ again denotes the big day in Bahasa Indonesia, which is also deployed for Eid.

Christmas for Copts and Levantine Arabs is Eid as well.

Cultures share common traits, which render humanity richer.

From Payesh to Muklabia to Kueh, do soak in the Joy.