Who can we grieve for?

The last week has been a fascinating insight in to how we grieve collectively as a polity, a quam, a desh.

Programs, Riots, Genocide being freely touted across the spectrum of ideologies. Who is allowed to be grieved, channelising Butler is an important anchor for the actual violence to be perpetrated perpetually through politics, rather than remember them as normal people who lost their lives while doing a job, working to bring food on the table as the police man, IB officer or the working poor whose images are haunting digital feeds today.

We have a culture of political violence, Bhagalpur, Bombay, Amdavad, Delhi’84, Assam, Dhule and the list is endless.

We live in a hyper connected era hence each episode of violence is visceral and in the face thanks to Watsapp groups. We need more information literacy than ever and learn to mourn all lives. All lives matter.