Thinking on Writing.

I had a deep guilt regarding writing and my intellectual interests in policy and history as I am trained in engineering, which I work as a consultant. I see no dichotomy in both the areas as both are my cognitive feet, giving me balance, and configuring the person I am. As in Latour’s Actor Network Theory, the living and the non living are connected with the same potency. I grew up where my humanities educator parents were hugely suspicious of my interests as they wanted me to secure my financial future. I am fortunate to have trained in engineering and ethnography and both devices sync seamlessly in a networked narrative. I write from life, and is infected with a bias for systematic view with the eye for emotion. In my next life, hopefully I can study writing as well! I write therefore I exist.

Be Calm, Be Like Arnab.

Arnab was classy on the flight, his Cambridge Anthropology Education showed unlike Kamra. We have been on the same flight a few years back, and he has an extremely calm demeanour in public, very understated.

PS: Endangering Public Safety in mid air is no coherent counter to his politics of R TV. He has an audience who watch his political theatre. I don’t, however he has a right to be on air as NDTV.

Anti-Lutyens Agenda.

The anti NRC/CAA protests have turned in to some thing of pop culture, a mature college festival. Let all the anti Modi forces unite, is the rallying call. Shaheen Bagh being exalted, as Tahrir or Shahbag- we’re never Modi voters. Doesn’t matter to the anti Lutyens/India International Centre seminar circuit culture of the BJP. It worries more about Darbhanga than Dilshad Garden.