An unfinished life Rough edges Silences loud enough Better quiet Let’s move on Life is lived in moments When do … More

Be Calm, Be Like Arnab.

Arnab was classy on the flight, his Cambridge Anthropology Education showed unlike Kamra. We have been on the same flight … More


The Bazaar. Who said offline retail Kirana is dead.

Republic Day 2020

The Republic is articulated in the enthusiasm that this young boy has for the rashtra dhwaj or the national flag, … More

Bleed Words.

Unlike other literary devices, poetry comes from an unknown place, a certain crack in the soul. It is bled, rather … More


I feel at home Everywhere, the warmth is present More importantly The cash in the bank Is the warmest embrace … More

Anti-Lutyens Agenda.

The anti NRC/CAA protests have turned in to some thing of pop culture, a mature college festival. Let all the … More


In chasing the future We often miss the heartbeat Where was I, I often wonder A voice inside quipped ‘While … More

The Conservative Space.

BJP is AKP and UMNO, the Hindu version. If there can be political conservatism in other faith contexts, there is … More