The Learning Inventory 2018

I have discovered that podcasts accelerate my learning journey apart from the 50 plus books I read a year, mostly on soft copy, and numerous business press reads (HBR/Monocle every month).

These are my favourite so far this year:

– Polis Project

– Inside the Strategy Room by Mc Kinsey

– Monocle Daily and other Monocle Radio podcasts (The Entrepreneurs especially)

– Recode by Kara Swisher

– Outliers by Pankaj Mishra

– Ezra Klein


TV/ Web Shows:

– Anuradha Sengupta’s Off Centre

– Film Companion by Anuradha Chopra

– Rajeev Masand as usual

When one is not born with a high enough IQ, one has to be a hard trier 😊

Please feel free to suggest others.