Betrol Pump.

Every few kilometres in the regions outside Muscat region there are petrol pumps aligned to a eatery and a Masjid. This configuration repeats pretty much everywhere. #weekendhistorian


Remaking is happening We live in an era of great churn TUNA is not the name of a fish Hunger and unemployment prevail But are paranoid with narratives Data is more important, than underground sewage networks The stink is everywhere Uncertainty is the term of the times

Capturing Oral Histories of the Gulf: Narratives of Development

Histories in the Gulf are hardly bottom up as state led/dominated discourses lead the landscapes of the past. My conversations series with cabbies and now with migrants attempts to recover these silences, about to be lost memories. Migrants in the Gulf are a practical lot, they are interested in earning their riyal and counting their … More Capturing Oral Histories of the Gulf: Narratives of Development

Lebanese Diaspora

I came across this topic of the Lebanese diaspora in Senegal when the Late Anthony Bourdain had interviewed a Senegalese Citizen of Lebanese Descent on an episode on Dakar in this seminal TV series Parts Unknown. This book is something I stumbled across after it was cited in an Global Urban History article on Dakar … More Lebanese Diaspora


Why do we have to wait for death in order to shower respect often as a technicality When we don’t remember them while they are ill or retired Or read their works again The artist gets a new life Hagiography that are hollow To fill up feeds or airtime Remember them for their politics Their … More Afterlife

Kerala Gulf Relief

The real numbers are higher as donations by NRI are not being accounted for in the normal numbers, informal social networks are more Impacting than official channels as in the case of the Gulf; through the community association, the church and the masjid. The overall numbers will be much higher. I have seen many Indian … More Kerala Gulf Relief

Environmental Governance is Political Risk: Kerala Drowns

Environmental governance is a tick box measure in India and in the Global South. The ‘permit kahan hain’ mindset of the industry hinders proactive resilience building which essentially environmental compliance and justice is at its genesis. Yesterday it was Uttarakhand, today it is friends in Kerala and Mumbai suffers every year. And yes, Sustainability spends … More Environmental Governance is Political Risk: Kerala Drowns