DeMo Diaries: Catharsis

DeMo was a watershed event in contemporary history, as millions were impacted and the nation was split in to two over … More

Betrol Pump.

Every few kilometres in the regions outside Muscat region there are petrol pumps aligned to a eatery and a Masjid. … More


Remaking is happening We live in an era of great churn TUNA is not the name of a fish Hunger … More

Lebanese Diaspora

I came across this topic of the Lebanese diaspora in Senegal when the Late Anthony Bourdain had interviewed a Senegalese … More


Why do we have to wait for death in order to shower respect often as a technicality When we don’t … More

Kerala Gulf Relief

The real numbers are higher as donations by NRI are not being accounted for in the normal numbers, informal social … More


An abandoned dream A lost job An unfulfilled aspiration Unsold artefacts Find home in the street