Elections are not theoretical exercises

People react to the circumstances that they encounter whether it is the lack of resources or opportunities. When families can’t put food on the table, the alternative which seeks to demolish the status quo seems viable. People are not interested in theories and policy white papers. Most are interested in the latest Netflix series, rather … More Elections are not theoretical exercises

Writing as Genealogy

I was always discouraged by my liberal arts/management educator parents to take up the humanities even after I did a NUS engineering masters that too on a scholarship at NTU as it was seen to be not profitable enough. I studied sociology coursework and researched at NTU on a fascinating program. Fortunately, my interest in … More Writing as Genealogy

Why you need Consultants

In the race towards reducing full time employees and leaner balance sheets; consulting professionals are the only practical solution to create bandwidth overnight. Folks might not like Consultants but, systems can’t run sans our expertise to combine ideas and pricing excellence.

Food Security.

Food Security about global supply chain resilience and not purely the ability to grow food. During the Qatar blockade, cows were airlifted from Turkey and Oman flew in fresh produce. Logistics from farm to folk is outstanding in Singapore and this reflects in the rankings. Hydroponics, and vertical farms, biotech and data analytics will make … More Food Security.

No Post Capitalism.

Post capitalism will only come if the capitalists allow it, as the market is the optimal condition for people to live out their lives. There will be always room to make fulus, liang liang or paisa as markets reconfigure as per demand and supply. The social theorists also have to sell their books in a … More No Post Capitalism.


Art as possibility/response Art as criticism As imagination As market As a window to the soul

Hard Environmentalism

Time for low hanging fruit, aka life style environmentalism is passé/ the preserve of the socioeconomically astute. The world needs a financially rewarding win win ecological future. Unless it pays, systems will not pivot.