Education and Networks

Folks complaining about the decline of public sector higher education in India and globally have to realise that college education … More

Writing as Genealogy

I was always discouraged by my liberal arts/management educator parents to take up the humanities even after I did a … More

Why you need Consultants

In the race towards reducing full time employees and leaner balance sheets; consulting professionals are the only practical solution to … More

The Talent Equation.

Having talent is one part of the equation, making money out of it is another. Market needs a lot more … More

Food Security.

Food Security about global supply chain resilience and not purely the ability to grow food. During the Qatar blockade, cows … More

No Post Capitalism.

Post capitalism will only come if the capitalists allow it, as the market is the optimal condition for people to … More


Art as possibility/response Art as criticism As imagination As market As a window to the soul

Hard Environmentalism

Time for low hanging fruit, aka life style environmentalism is passé/ the preserve of the socioeconomically astute. The world needs … More