Doctors who write

My icons have been Polymath Medical Doctors such as Atul Gawade, Siddhartha Mukherjee and President Kim of the World Bank who is a physician-anthropologist. Siddhartha and Atul are writers par excellence and practising doctors.

As a biotechnology major, global health has been a passion as it is a critical aspect of Social Development.

I was able to work on Health Communication based advocacy at CARE under Prof Mohan @mjdutt in Singapore. I later led healthcare at a market intelligence firm in Delhi. I wrote up a paper on the myth of big data in healthcare then.

Bengal in the GCC

While eating my lunch, a restaurant staff came to me and asked where I am from in Bangla, and i answered for a matter of convenience, Kolkata. I understood that the person who asked me was from Bangladesh, and was asking me about Jorasanko, Netaji Subhash’s home, Jibananda Das as these were the topics from his school days, his youth. The interest in poetry was palpable and was quite disjointed from the surroundings where he worked. South Asia and the Bengali ethos is very much alive here in the GCC.