Different Responses

Response to New Technology Dude Bro: Great idea, can this tech get actualisation through Block chain now and monetised through … More

Permit to Performance

Environmental permitting spends are mandatory spends for business continuity, however there is hardly any effort to extract more strategic value … More

Writing Spaces

Writing which connects to the soul, is the essence which remains as a residue somewhere. That writing articulates unlocked/unsaid emotions … More

Fail Forward

Tell your younger self It’s ok to be slow It’s alright to fail And fail again Parents,Teachers and Friends Are … More

Walk the Talk

Non profit and business start up founders often sabotage their vision of the organisation by turning into to mutual admiration … More

Curb the noise.

Ultimately it is the everyday politics with a small p that is the proof of the seewaiyaan, the grand theories … More

The Shape of Dreams

I am just looking back at the detritus of dreams The scars are not seen Gleaned by fancy restaurant selfies … More

Makan Counter

Today at a cooked food counter at a supermarket in Muscat, this Malayali spread reminds me of Indian Restaurants/Restoran in … More

Middle Class/Marginal

Life is strange One leaves being Middle Class In Kanyakumari and Komilla To be marginal, in Karama Positions vary, material … More

JNU Media Capture

JNU is an elite university election in south Delhi. It’s student elections are not the central polls. The BMC Polls … More