Numbers have a story to tell. 80 months back, I started writing on a regular basis in Singapore on this ideation platform. After constant negative feedback and setbacks- this has been my primary repository of ‘dispersed meditations’ along my travels across eight years, three countries, five cities and numerous other places. The field notes have been commentary to poetry to photo essays. I have been recognised by the international media through their reading of my blog from Al Jazeera to BBC to The Gaurdian recently.

I have been rejected from many places from PhD Programs to Journals, but I have found my definite voice through years of scribbling away. This blog/site of ideation is purposefully not a performance, a formal site of intellectual rigidity. It is fluid, meandering through reality and the narratives are a response to the pressing themes of the day.

Thank you for reading my analysis, rants and thoughts. I will keep scribbling away.


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